Parenting Hack: Popsicles for breakfast. Every day.

My husband let me sleep in last weekend. It was glorious. When I woke up, the first thing he said was, "They had popsicles for breakfast." In our house, that's fine. In our house, the popsicles are healthier than the cereal because they're homemade popsicles.  Make these. It's easy. Your kids will probably love them. Also, this is a GENIUS way to get your kids to eat all of the good stuff at once, even the things they may not necessarily like to eat.

Parents, here's what you do:

1. Buy these: Or these: When we bought the push-ups, they sent us double so we have tons if anyone wants to take some off of our hands!

2. Blend up all of the good stuff. You can play with different combinations, that's what we do. I never follow a recipe. I just start adding the stuff I have in the fridge and anything else I want to make sure they get. Remember fruit sweetens it up. Bananas and mangoes are always winners. I usually use the following: coconut milk, cashews, pineapple juice, water, banana, carrots or kale or beets, ginger, full fat and plain yogurt maybe some apples or peaches. Play with a few different combos. Your kids may not love the first few attempts, but you'll get the hang of it. And then add anything else you need to get your kids to consume. Does your kid need extra iron? No kid likes that taste, but toss it in here. They'll never notice. Anything else? Extra fat? Oils? Go nuts.

3. Toss them in the freezer for about 8 hours, sometimes a bit longer.

I am constantly making more and more of these in our house. My son eats the push-up pop and the popsicle versions. For my little one, I just pour the smoothie into a tupperware (about an inch thick) and freeze that. Then I cut it up into squares and she eats them up with her fingers. It's messy, but she loves it.

Healthy, easy and definitely better than the store bought ones. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and pretty much any other time of day.

Add booze for adult versions, naturally.