My introduction to Cambodia. This is a place so unlike any other.

Yesterday we arrived in Cambodia. I am happy to be here. I couldn’t have imagined this place before we arrived here. It’s green and gorgeous and poor and happy and sad and fresh and dirty and kind all at once. After a busy week in Chiang Mai, we’re slowing down. We’re staying at a small place down a dirt road, past 16 cows roaming around without a fence, a kid with no clothes on, many lizards, a women’s services store (use your imagination), a kid puking, a gorgeous Cambodian rice field, 23 shacks in the dirt, many happy people and many tired people. That’s where you’ll find our place. You couldn’t find this place if you tried. But beneath all of the layers of Cambodian culture, we’re here. And you can see cows from our balcony. I swear one stared at me for a long time this morning. He was like, “This isn’t a fancy resort place. I’m a cow and I can see into your room. You’re in Cambodia now. The cows don’t have fences. This is how we roll.” The place we are staying at is small and gorgeous. There are only about 12 rooms and I think only 2 are taken right now. When I walk downstairs to the open air reception/lobby/restaurant/etc place, we are greeted by our private driver, the chef, the manager and reception all at once, eagerly looking up at us to see what we could possibly want. It embarrasses us. And we’re only paying about $25 a night. We have a private driver. I got a massage for $9 the other day. This place is so different than anything we've experienced before. This is such a poor country, but the people are so gracious and kind. We asked for a water and they misunderstood and brought us 2 cokes, we happily accepted. I don’t drink coke, but I will today. They tried to bring them to our room for us. Anton really just wanted to drink something, anything, right in that moment because he was dreadfully thirsty. It all gets lost in translation and they’re just trying to please us. We’re just trying to be thankful. In the end we just nod and smile, they do the same. We’re all just kind of happy if the other is smiling.