Hush our busy hearts, soothe our frantic souls

Breathe in. Feel the air fill your lungs from top to bottom, left to right, front to back. Sip in one last bit of air. Pause. Slowly let it out. Emptying your lungs fully, from bottom to top. Release that stagnant air. A little more. There you go.

That's breathing. Have you done that yet today? Actually, you've done it over 20,000 times in the past 24 hours, but have you paid attention? Have you really experienced it? It's amazing how many places we go, people we see and things we do everything single day that we barely notice. Start to notice. Stop just doing and start to really experience. Start to slow down and look at bit closer.

But people are afraid to slow down. “Slow” is defined as, among other things, being sluggish in nature, disposition or function. Our culture frowns upon it. We use the word to insult others. We avoid it. We run from it, fast.

But what if we took slow and shifted it in our minds? What if we held it in our hands and rotated it slightly, giving it a new angle, a unique slant? What if we let it sit on our skin and soak in, breathing it deep, hushing our busy heart, soothing our frantic soul? Can slow do that?

It can.

Slow gives us time to think, to really think. It gives us a moment to experience, to sense our senses. There’s a beauty in slow. There’s a balance between slow and fast that people rarely explore. Society pushes us to move, to hurry, to be efficient and effective, to be concise and quick, to push on, plowing through our days. It's exhausting and non-stop. And we must remember that fast is beautiful too. Fast has a very important role. And with slow as its balance, magnificence unfolds.

But have you taken your breath today? Have you felt your fingers and wiggled each toe? Have you listened to the noises in a quiet room and seen something new within the spaces you walk through every day?

The brain is enlivened in slow. When to-do lists are set down and the constant push to drive on subsides, the powerful corners of the brain, the parts that have been pushed aside, come alive and magnificence ensues.

So today experience being. Pay attention to the things you pass. We move too quickly, we miss the beautiful moments. Find them. And find the beauty in "un-ing": unsubscribe, unfollow, unhook, unfold, unwind, undo, unwrap, unyoke.