Sometimes the silence gets loud. But keep going.

Sit. Close your eyes. Begin to breathe. To really breathe. Keep trying. There you go.

Stay right there. In your silence.


Sometimes the silence settles in and it feels quiet and deep and glorious. And sometimes the silence settles in and the noise begins. Our internal chatter, our self talk. I feel it in my Restorative yoga classes. As my students settle into their pose, I ask them to release, to sink deeper. The tension drifts away and there is peace, for a moment. But as the silence sinks in and lingers on, an energy begins to buzz. It’s quiet at first, this internal chatter, but I can see the silence begin to get loud for some. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unknown. 


Feel your breath. Keep going.

Too often, the moment we begin to feel the silence, the moment we begin to connect with our own self, is the moment we reach for a distraction. Leave the TV on in the background. Check social media for the hundredth time today, just to see… Turn on something, anything. Because the silence can get so loud. It can be intimidating.


But keep going.

When we allow ourselves to really feel this thing called silence, to sit in it and let it linger, that’s when we begin to see who we are. What busyness consumes our thoughts? What are we saying to ourselves? How are we moving through this world and what direction are we going? Does it feel right? These things are important.

So soak it in, everyday. Even if for just a minute. Maybe 5? Find a way. It’s so worth it.

And even when the silence gets loud, keep going.