Who have you become? Who are you becoming?

Slow down. Take time to meet yourself, to get to know yourself, to understand who you are and who you are becoming. It’s a beautiful thing to live with intention. We have heard this a million times. But it is a beautiful thing: to really live a life not just float through one, to be the person you intentionally tell yourself you are going to be. We are always growing. The beauty of our lives is that we get to choose how we grow. We get to determine this. It’s powerful and precious and should not be wasted.

We live busy lives and often forget to take the time, to set aside the space to really understand who we have become and who we are becoming. But if we are not taking time to chart our path for growth, to determine the person we want to be, to understand the life we want to live, then we are leaving it to chance that we will miraculously end up exactly where we want to be, without even knowing where that is.

Truly this is not something we want to leave entirely to chance and miracles.

Imagine if every single day of your life you woke up, got in your car and started driving with the expectation that you're going to arrive somewhere really special and important. But you have no idea where that place is and you can't even begin to guess how you're going to get there. But you keep driving, every day, over and over, hoping that miraculously you one day realize you've arrived.

So slow down, maybe even stop. Who are you? Who are you becoming? How are you spending your minutes, your hours, your days?

You do know you get one shot at this day, right?