5 truths that I have learned and often forget

1. Everyone else out there has also been through pain, loss, suffering, sadness, isolation. Everyone else out there has questioned themselves, felt inferior and self-conscious and unsure. We all struggle with insecurities. Every single day.

2. We were all kids once. We were all 5 years old, running and playing and smiling. We were bright and shining. It was long ago, before the world created our shadows. But we were all there once, and that bright and shining light is still within us. We forget it frequently, sometimes for years at a time, but it is still there. Our mothers looked at us and thought, “I hope you never know real pain. I hope you never feel deep sadness. I hope the world doesn’t crush you.” And all of those things have happened to us, but we are resilient and even though those things happened, we are still bright and shining. We are.

Toren Sun.jpg

3. When we are mean to each other, it really comes from our own insecurities, our own frustrations, our own misunderstandings. When someone is mean to you, rude to you, horrible to you, take a deep breath and know that they are struggling with something, something beyond you, beyond your control. They might not even be aware of it.

4. Life isn’t about accomplishing more and completing more and finishing more and winning more and doing more and being more and accumulating more. Life is actually about feeling and connecting and experiencing and loving and seeing and hearing and touching and tasting and smelling and so many other things. But there’s no “more” in it. We can all just let that competitive thing go now, really it’s ok.

5. Things will happen every day that can make you angry or upset or sad. But those things don’t have to make you angry or upset or sad. Or they can make you angry or upset or sad for just a moment. And then you can move beyond them or you can hold on to them for a very long time. You get to decide.

So, be patient with each other. Be kind. Let yourself shine. Breathe deeply. Experience every moment. Love and connect. Choose happiness.