Slow is when the magic happens

We are busy people here in this world. And the world is quickly finding new ways to feed our speed addiction.

But what if we could find moments in the mania. Find a pause in the constant pursuit. Come to terms with and even embrace slow. Because slow is when the magic happens. It’s when the mind settles and creativity kicks in. Slow is when the chaos is sifted through. It’s when you meet yourself, all of yourself, and feel your pulse.


Challenge yourself to put that phone down. To turn away from Facebook. Challenge yourself to drive the speed limit. To turn off the TV and even the music. And feel.

Feel the sensation of your toes, the hair on your arm. Feel your lungs fully expand and fully empty. And watch your mind. Don’t judge your mind but watch it. Allow it to wander and turn in circles. Allow it to settle on the silly and travel down the path to random. And then bring it home. Bring it back to the present. To your breath. To the rhythm of your body. Allow your mind to settle on your intent, whatever that may be. But be intentional. Be specific. Your mind will travel where you direct it. It takes focus and it takes mindfulness, but it will travel there. And your reality will follow. Your reality will become where you set your mind. Where you set your thoughts.

There is a beautiful and fabulous thing that happens in this Universe. Where we direct our mind, where we direct our intent, our reality is created. And it may be abstract. It may be love. It may be peace. It may be unspecific and still it will be real. Or we may be particular. We may be specific and exact, and still it will be real.

We do ourselves a disservice when we limit our purpose. We dampen our soul when we do now allow it to manifest from its deepest intent.