Our lives have a quick cadence. The world travels past us at rapid speed. We whirl and twirl through the mania, immersed in technology, multi-tasking, accomplishing, completing, competing, powering through. But every yin must have its yang. Every fast must have its slow. I am constantly in search of slow, seeking out the opportunities life presents us to breathe, to experience and to feel. I live a very full, fast and frenzied life, and I love it. But I see the beauty and the power in slow and I am determined to seek it out, both in my own life and the lives around me. I believe we really need this more than we know.

I am a mom, a wife, a yoga instructor, a marketing brand manager, a slow lifestylist, a writer, a runner, a cook, a pescatarian, a  bookworm, a closet poet, a wannabe musician (though I don't even own an instrument).

As I entered my 30's I finally started to feel like I fit in my own skin. I finally felt like I understood myself and began to create goals and attack them. But as life started to build around me, the craziness of it all became all-consuming. My pace became maddening and I completely forgot how to breathe. Add an over-worked husband and a new baby to the mix and I felt like I was holding my life together  with a piece of wet cardboard, just waiting to tear apart and drop everything.

I constantly came back to yoga and reading. I devoured every article and book I could get my hands on that I thought might give me some insight into sorting out my life. Then I stumbled upon "In Praise of Slowness" by Carl Honore, and it shifted the way I saw everything in life.

I began to challenge myself to slow down and to even see beauty in it. I began to enjoy moments when I wasn't accomplishing a single thing, when I wasn't multi-tasking, when I was actually just living in that specific moment, doing something simple and slow. And it was beautiful. Every moment of it. And it was life-changing.

I still live a busy, fast-paced life. (And I'm not recommending that you abandon this part of yourself.) But I've learned to embrace slow moments, to even seek them out. I find new ways to see beauty in the things I would have blown by in the past. I find ways to feel things I would have ignored. I find ways to experience so many moments in life that I never would have experienced before, traveling through this life at a maddening pace.